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With the ever-growing emphasis on Noise monitoring in the workplace, the Noise Dosimeter and sound level meter are now an essential part of any consultant or Health and Safety professional's equipment list.

Chronic noise exposure in the workplace can lead to employee hearing loss. Operations are more likely to have chronic noise exposure in mechanised workplaces. A noise assessment is warranted when two people standing in a work environment have difficulty carrying on a conversation.

In most of the mechanized production lines, employees supervise different automated machines and this means they have to move around from area to area and thus their exposure to noise varies. The only way to monitor precisely an individual's exposure to noise is by using a dosimeter.

EVPL uses two different instruments to monitor noise levels: a sound level meter and a dosimeter. The sound level meter measures intensity of sound at a given moment. Since sound level meters measure sound intensity at only one point in time, several measurements are taken at different locations and intervals. EVPL uses these measurements to draw sound-level maps showing "area" noise levels throughout the day.

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