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World Health Day, 7th April 2018
By Tanvi Patil

Every year the “World Health Day” is celebrated all across the world on 7th of April by World Health Organization to draw people attention towards the importance of global health. It was first celebrated worldwide in the year 1950.

It is an annual event celebrated to raise public awareness towards the health issues. A particular theme is given every year to mark this day. This year, theme for the World Health Day is Universal Health Coverage: Everyone, Everywhere (UHC). The purpose of this theme is to ensure that everyone can access essential quality health services without facing financial hardship. In the 70th anniversary year of Health Day, UHC enables everyone to access the services that address the most important causes of disease and death and ensures that the quality of those services is good enough to improve the health of the people who receive them.

Linkage between Health and Environment :

Our health is directly or indirectly related to the environment in which we live. With an increase in the pollution levels, our health problems are also increasing. It is also taking severe toll on our overall wellbeing. Environmental Pollution invites many diseases, especially the vector borne diseases which have an immense potential to severely damage the human life.

Various natural and man-made disasters have affected the health adversely. So it’s very important to maintain harmony between human activities and the Environment.

Some of the Worst Man-Made Disaster that had severe toll on health and Environment :

Sr. No Name Cause Effect on heath Effect on Environment
1 The London’s Killer Fog Over burning of coal 12,000 death, due to nitrogen oxides , soot and sulfur dioxide in air Severely critical air quality was persistent for weeks
2 Chernobyl Explosion(Ukraine) Nuclear explosion More than 4000 cancer deaths have been linked with the extensive spread of radioactive substances. Still after years of accidents, the soil and air in the area is contaminated with the radioactive materials
3 Bhopal Gas Tragedy Leakage of isocyanate gas More than 75,000 people were affected by the accident The soil and water bodies of the area are severely contaminated by the chemicals.
4 The Exxon Valdez Oil spill (Alaska) Crashing of oil tanker onto reef Heavy death toll of marine life, consumption of contaminated fish causing death of people in the area Long term impacts of the crude oil leakage on the marine life and water bodies of the area
5 The Seveso Disaster (Milan) Explosion at chemical manufacturing plant The gas severely affected the neighboring town of Seveso, leading to respiratory problems Poor quality of Air, affecting the environmental components.
6 Minamata disasater(China) Waste water containing methyl mercury was released into Minata Bay 2,250 people succumbed as direct outcome of pollution event Biomagnefication of mercury in environment and various ecosystems
7 Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone Dumping of phosphorous and nitrogen nutrients in the area Severe health issues recorded in nearby areas due to consumption of contaminated fish Contamination of water bodies by excessive release of nutrients into water bodies
8 E-Waste in Guiyu, China. (World’s electronic graveyard) Toxicity of heavy metals in the soil and water bodies 88% of children suffer lead poisoning Leaching of the toxic chemicals in water and ground water , contamination of soil


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