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Assistance for Certified Compliance Report

Projects with valid Environment Clearance, planned for expansion or modification to their existing operations, are required to have Certified Compliance from respective Regional Office of MoEFCC.

EVPL facilitates, by guiding the Project Proponent step-wise on each of the environmental conditions as stipulated in Environment Clearance throughout the on site inspection process carried out by MoEFCC experts.

DG Set Ground Level Concentration (GLC) Study :

A DG Set GLC Study is carried out, as per MoEF and CPCB requirement, to ascertain the impacts of DG stack emissions to the surrounding areas, taking into consideration the rate of dilution of the pollutants along with the prominent wind direction and speed.

EVPL's GLC Study can guide the Proponent in ensuring proper mitigation, at the STP Designing Stage.

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