Save Birds and Birds Will Save You

- By Jidnyasa Ghag

Birds are the amazing creature of our planet, they essentially play vital role in our ecosystem. They act as plant pollinator, seed disperser through their dropping, pest control agents and many more. Looking at today’s scenario, the people are not much aware of importance of birds around them. Thesurvival rates of birds is alarming due to current environmental problems. In order to conserve birds and to create awareness among people on birds, 5th Jan is announced as the National Bird Day.

Around 1301 species of birds are found in India out of which 42 species are endemic species. Indian sub-continent is known for rich biodiversity, it is consider as best place in the world to see birds. Although Peacock is considered as national bird of India there are various other beautiful species of birds found across states of our country. The following images shows the state-wise official birds

Climate change, pollution, excessive use of pesticide, deforestation, hunting and habitat fragmentation are the reasons affecting the health of birds. Some of the state birds are becoming endanger species. The enlisted endanger species on IUCN red list of threaten species are Great Indian Bustard, White-wing wood duck, and Great Hornbill. It’s time to take an action to save them by installing bird feeder, using recycled products, or getting involved in nature resorting projects. As birds are plant pollinator and seed disperser, these could be potentially explored in organic farming thereby yielding betterquality crop and maintaining ecosystem cycle.