Dust emission control equipments for reduction in suspended particulates and respiratory suspended particulates. Based on monitoring and measurements conducted on site we can provide suitable mitigation measures for particulates.


Our systems for rainwater harvesting are a perfected form of the simple water harvesting practices of old. Application of modern techniques such as resistivity can help accurately measure water saturation, connectivity of pore spaces, depth and yield of water. Water can be diverted to tanks or the water table underground, as per requirement, through state of the art technology Water consumption can be drastically reduced helping the industry save this precious resource.


We utilize various membrane based liquid - liquid separation systems for waste water and processes. These include Reverse Omosis (RO), Nano-Filtration (NF), Ultra Filtration (UF) and Micro Filtration (MF) using all membrane geometries (such as Spiral, Hollow Fiber, Tubular, etc.) and Ceramic Membranes.


The proximity of buildings and importance of space utilization in urban areas make noise reduction techniques a challenge in today's urban constructions. We provide noise barriers and a variety of noise mitigation solutions to construction as well as industrial projects suited to the aesthetics and noise level requirements of the site.