Water Footprint

Our advisory services include project identification, market assessment, methodology development for water footprint assessment. Our services help to assess the use and wastage of water resource and provide solution for its sustainable use. The water footprint looks at both direct and indirect water use for a process, product, company or sector and includes water consumption and pollution throughout its life cycle. It can be measured for a single process, such as growing rice, for a product, such as a pair of jeans, for the fuel we put in our car, or for an entire multi-national company.

A water footprint assessment can help in:

• Assessing the magnitude of potential environmental impacts related to water;
• Identifying ways to reduce potential water-related impacts of products at various lifecycle stages, and of processes and organizations;
• Facilitating water efficiency and optimization of water management at product, process and organizational levels;
• Providing scientifically consistent and reliable information for reporting water footprint results.