EVPL @ Club of Rome


Eco Ventures Pvt. Ltd. is associated as Knowledge Partners with Indian National Association's Club of Rome for the Annual Conference held in November 2017 & October 2018 at International Convention Hall, Bombay Stock Exchange, Mumbai.

With almost three decades of work to our credit, Eco Ventures Pvt. Ltd. has always been focused on shaping a better future for the environment.

The Plenary Sessions includes Eminent Speakers, Dignitaries, Environmentalists, Chief Sustainability Officers of various Corporates, UN Dignitaries, Senior Bureaucrats of various Ministries & Ministers

Theme for COR 2018

The topic for the conference of COR 2018 - “Resource Efficiency and Jobs : Opportunities for Business and Policy”

The discussions were based on Five Themes - Enhancing Future Livelihoods in Rural India and Resource Efficiency, Employment Opportunities in Infrastructure and Environment Challenges, Circular Economy in Urban India, Changing Skills in Emerging Service Sector, MSMEs: Key to India’s Manufacturing Ambitions

The Plenary Sessions for the conference were as under :

  1. Enabling policies for sustainable growth in the job market.
  2. Food and nutrition security of farming households.
  3. Technological up-gradation in agriculture sector to increase livelihoods.
  4. Creating job opportunities for marginalised segments.
  5. Effective implementation of zero defect, zero effect and the circular economy.
  6. Facilitating a centralised system of data management - jobs and resources use.
  7. Skill enhancement in MSMEs, maintaining gender balance, social securities, etc.

Theme for COR 2017

The topic for the Conference of COR 2017 - “Towards Resource Resilient India - Security of Natural Resources for All : The Critical Need for Coherence in Policies and Actions.”

The discussions were based on Four Themes - Resource Efficiency, Resource Inclusivity, Resource Security and Resource Use Impact through different plenary sessions.

The Plenary Sessions for the conference were as under :

  1. Material Security for Efficient Make in India.
  2. Energy Security for All.
  3. Equitable access to India’s Natural Resources- Water and Terrestrial Ecosystem for All.
  4. Price volatility of Resources- a challenge: Towards minimizing and mitigating the price volatility of essential commodities.
  5. Importance of Natural Resource Efficiency in Corporate Education and Curriculum.
  6. Circular Economy and Material Recycle – Business scope for the use of secondary raw materials in India.