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Climate Change Impact; Recent Hurricanes of the world
By Bhavya Ankita

Hurricanes are the most violent storm on the Earth, according to NASA. At heart, Hurricanes are fueled by just two elements: heat and water. Hurricanes are seeded over the warm waters above the equator, where the air above the ocean's surface takes in heat and moisture. Considering the recent trends, hurricanes have become a much rapid phenomenon of the world.

Frequent hurricanes have become new normal for the world. It’s not been even a year now and there are already more than 40 hurricanes that have shown their devastating nature by taking tolls of the human lives, animals, as well as to the property. Very recently, hurricane Irma smashed into Florida so soon after Hurricane Harvey flooded southeastern Texas. The stories of hurricanes are becoming more recurrent than it ever had.

Taking hurricanes seriously is the present need of hour. So in the present scenario we need to focus entirely on cutting off our lifestyle in which all the things which we use for comfort and luxury should be sacrificed for the sake of environment.

Source:National Hurricane Center

Coming on the rationale behind the rapid hurricanes, it is clear that as sea levels continue to rise due to global warming, they’re increasing the risk of storm surge. This storm surge causes dangerously high floods that push water onshore. As a result this proves much damage particularly in the coastal areas.

Recent Hurricanes:

Name & Category Dates of winds >39 MPH Maximum Sustained Winds Minimum Central Pressure Landfall
Hurricane Franklin (Cat. 1) August 7th -10th 85 mph 981 mb Landfall near Lechuguillas, Mexico
Hurricane Gert(Cat 2) August 13th - 17th 105 mph 967 mb
Hurricane Harvey(cat. 4) August 17th -September 1st 130 mph 938 mb 3 landfalls-Barbados, near Rockport, Texas, and near the Texas/Louisiana border
Hurricane Imra(cat. 5) August 30th 185 mph 914 mb South Florida


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