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Brief History Of Earth Day
By Bhavya Ankita


Santa Barbara Channel released more than 3 Million Tonnes of crude oil into the water. It formed black waves that struck the Southern California coastline and washed upon beaches in an eerie silence, carrying with them seabirds and animals drowning in oil.

This disaster marks the beginnings of the environmental movement. Gaylord Nelson witnesses the ravages of the oil spill in Santa Barbara, California.


Gaylord Nelson establishes Earth Day on April 22 as a day to raise awareness about environmental issues, fighting against oil spills, polluting factories and power plants, raw sewage, pesticides, loss of wilderness, and the extinction of wildlife.

Earth Day was supported by Democrats and Republicans led to the Clean Air, Clean Water, and Endangered Species Acts.


Earth Day becomes a global phenomenon as 200 Million people in 141 Countries bring environmental issues to the world stage.


5000 Environmental Groups in 184 Countries use the internet to reach hundreds of millions of people and organize activists.


Earth Day Network brings 225,000 people to the National Mail for a Climate Rally and amasses 40 Million environmental service actions towards its 2012 goal. “A Billion Acts of Green”.


Earth Day 2017 had marked a way to utilize the public momentum to educate people about the need for commitment to a clean environment. Using teach-in concepts that were first deployed on Earth Day in 1970, rallies was held across the world, with speakers discussing the need to address environmental issues with targeted policies.


2017 (Public Awareness towards Environment)
2010 (People Network towards 2012 Goal)
2000 (Use of Internet)
1990 (Earth Day as Global Phenomenon)
1970 (Establishment of Earth Day)
1969 (Fuel to start Earth Day)


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