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AIR INK : Writing with Pollution
By Tanvi Patil

Air Pollution has been one of the most conspicuous of all the problems we face today. If not captured it causes health problems, global warming, haze and billions of dollar worth of losses to government. This ever-increasing pollution is a serious matter of concern, hence its need of hour to develop new technologies. “Pollution can be used as a Resource” to make the best from it.

The world’s first Ink made out of air pollution by Anirudh Sharma in Graviky Labs. The primary vision is to arrest the vehicular soot in a way that it doesn’t reach our lungs. Fossil fuel based air pollution is rich in carbonaceous matter. Hence the idea is to confine and bind that captured pollution into high grade inks that everyone can use and express themselves with through art or writing. The Process of making Air-Ink not only eliminates the soot from polluting the air, but it also doesn’t burn extra fossil fuel that is used in making regular ink. The lab has cleaned approx. 1.6 trillion liters of air. The pollutants which could have been in lungs of millions are now resting as art.

Process :

Graviky developed a device to capture air pollution, called Kaalink. It is a mechatronic system, which consists of filters, sensors, and a capture unit. The filtration technologies are pipelined with each other to achieve the desired filtration granularity. The process of creating Air-Ink carefully detoxifies heavy metals and particle carcinogens from the soot or carbon

The captured pollution contains toxic impurities like re-entrant dust, heavy metals, oils, and VOCs. Before use in the ink, the pollution is purified by proprietary chemical processes, beginning with gravity-based separation for high-mass particles, to comminution and catalyzed activation. Finally, the recovered soot is taken through a grinding process to bring to a consistent particle size, which is good an ink pigment.

Results :

According to tests at Graviky Labs, the Kaalink device can capture up to 93 % of the emitted pollution from standard internal combustion engines. It takes about 45 minutes of exhaust filtering to produce 1fluid ounce (29.6 kmilliliter) of ink. Air-Ink is currently available as 2 mm, 15 mm, 30 mm and 50 mm markers, and as 150 ml (5.1 fluid ounce) of screen printing ink.

The manufactured ink is used pens, paints, spry paints and developing the technology to be used on boats, chimneys and brick kilns, and even cranes, scrubbing trillions of liters more


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